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Multi-Gas Monitors

Multi-Gas Monitors
BW Honeywell Gas Alert Micro Clip XT 4-Gas Monitor
Sale Price:$495.00
BW Gas Alert Max XT II Confined Space 4-Gas Monitor
Our Price:$755.00
BW GasAlertMicro 5 Gas Monitor
Sale Price:$1,031.80
BW GasAlertMicro 5 PID Monitor
Sale Price:$1,559.00
BW Honeywell Gas Alert Quattro 4-Gas Monitor
Sale Price:$670.00
BW GasAlertMicro 5 IR Gas Monitor
Sale Price:$1,768.80
QRAE II Confined Space 4 Gas Monitor
Our Price:$581.00
RAE Systems QRAE 3 Four-Gas Monitor PGM-2500
Our Price:$995.00
MultiRAE Lite Wireless-Capable Monitor
Our Price:$830.00
MultiRAE Wireless-Capable Monitor
Our Price:$2,299.00
MultiRAE Pro Wireless-Capable Monitor
Our Price:$3,910.00
EchoView Host Mini-Controller F04-0005-000
Our Price:$1,320.00
RAELink3 Mesh Wireless Transmission Kit 029-0695-000
Our Price:$2,550.00
RKI GX-2009 4-Gas Diffusion Monitor 72-0314RK
Our Price:$695.00
GX-2012 Confined Space 4-Gas Detector 72-0290-22-A
Our Price:$995.00
Draeger X-am 2500 4-Gas Monitor
Our Price:$775.00
Draeger X-am 5000 Personal 4-Gas Detector 4543752
Our Price:$1,298.00
Draeger X-zone 5000 Area Monitoring Gas Detection
Our Price:$3,845.00
BW Honeywell Sensors and Accessories
Gas Detector Calibration, Repair and Warranty Information
BW Honeywell GasAlertMicroClip XT Deluxe Confined Space Kit
Sale Price:$451.75
BW Gas Alert Quattro Deluxe Confined Space Kit
Sale Price:$553.60
GasAlert Max XT II Deluxe Confined Space Kit
Sale Price:$420.75
BW MicroDock II Docking Station
Our Price:$1,324.15
BW Honeywell Calibration gas regulator (0.5 LPM)
Our Price:$160.00
BW Calibration Gas Regulator Demand Flow REG-DF-1
Our Price:$360.00
Draeger  Bump Test and Calibration Station
Our Price:$613.00
Draeger Calibration Gas 4-Gas Mix
Our Price:$297.00
Multi-Gas Monitors offer a broad range of protection and detection of dangerous and toxic compounds, which is a necessity in the world of confined space entry. BW Technologies and RAE Systems are frontrunners in this field, each with their own range of handheld detection solutions.

Standard gas detection is for H2S, SO2, CO and O2 levels, alerting you to any dangerous peaks of troughs in their atmospheric presence. One of the main advantages of the EntryRAE portable gas sniffer is that it features a Photo Ionization Detector (PID); this allows it to detect a wider range of potentially volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may not be detected by other standard sensors.

There are detectors with an internal pump, such as the QRAE II and the Gas Alert Max XT II, which allow easy sampling of remote areas. Each have the four standard detectors, offer hours of battery life and data logging.

The QRAE II is available as a diffusion detector (without the internal pump) while BW Honeywell has the Quattro and smaller MicroClip multi-gas detectors as their diffusion offerings.

Each of these detectors will do the job of sampling the atmosphere. For anyone seeking to perform manhole entry or sample remote atmospheres then consider a detector with a built-in pump (although both RAE systems and BW offer manual aspirator pumps for their diffusion detectors, so this is still possible) such as the GasAlertMax XT II.

Crucial for any confined space work site, those working on refineries, in mines, sewers or any other enclosed space will all reap the passive protective benefits of these highly portable, reliable multi-gas detectors.
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