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Confined Space Entry Systems

Confined Space Entry Systems
Davit Arm Systems
7 ft. Aluminum Confined Space Tripod 51/7FT
Our Price:$794.20
Protecta 8 ft. Aluminum Tripod  AK105A
Our Price:$956.00
Confined Space Tripod and Winch 8300030
Our Price:$2,875.00
Protecta Confined Space Tripod Kit
Our Price:$2,137.00
Multi-Purpose Tank Support Structure 8003844
Our Price:$1,755.00
Capital Safety 8102001 Salalift II Confined Space Retrieval Winch
Our Price:$1,774.00
Protecta AD515AG SRL - 50ft Cable w/Retrieval
Our Price:$1,784.00
Protecta AK200 Series Confined Space Winch
Our Price:$1,050.00
Sealed SRL with Retrieval Winch - 85ft
Our Price:$4,276.00
Sealed SRL with Retrieval Winch - 130ft
Our Price:$5,434.00
Sealed SRL with Retrieval Winch - 130ft Stainless
Our Price:$5,953.00
Sealed Retrieval SRL - 175ft 3400620
Our Price:$7,393.00
Sealed Retrieval SRL - 175ft 3400621
Our Price:$7,671.00
Confined Space Pulley and Carabiner AK020A1
Our Price:$169.00
Snatch Block Pulley
Our Price:$116.00
Protecta AK067A Tripod Bag
Our Price:$159.00
DBI Rollgliss Rescue Ladder 8516294
Our Price:$173.00
DBI Rollgliss R350 Rope Rescue System
Our Price:$2,754.00
ManHandler Winch 65 ft. Steel Cable  8442-Z7/65FT
Our Price:$1,381.30
Suitable for accessing a range of confined spaces these tripods, winches and Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) from Protecta and DBI/SALA are ideal pieces of highly portable fall protection kit for rapid access to manways and tanks.

Our range of tripods includes the AK105A; a lightweight (at 39lbs), 8ft, adjustable tripod; The Multi Purpose Tank Support Structure attaches right onto the tank hatch offering a solid and secure support structure. We also have the Confined Space 7ft tripod: a highly portable and collapsible unit (weighing only 58lbs), it comes complete with the Salalift II winch and lifeline which are capable of taking a load of up to 350 lbs for work support and 310 lbs for fall arrest.

A range of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs) and winches is available. The Salalift II offers 40ft of galvanized steel line - ideal for equipment and personnel transport into confined spaces. The Protecta AD515AG is a 50ft SRL and retrieval winch, and its smaller sibling, The Protecta AK200, are both lightweight, man-rated winches with tremendous power and reliability.

If you need extra length, the DBI/SALA Sealed Self Retracting Lifeline and winch series offers lengths from 85ft to 175ft. These sealed units offer incredible corrosion resistance, with a galvanized steel structure coming standard but with stainless steel option available for harsher, more corrosive sites (such as coastal or marine environments, oil rigs or water treatment facilities etc).

For quickly attaching a SRL to a tripod we have two confined space pulleys available: The Protecta Confined Space Pulley and Carabiner from Capital Safety is designed with a tripod winch mount in mind. It offers a compact, lightweight and strong solution capable of holding a rope 13mm in diameter. The Snatch Block Pulley easily attaches to the tripod, providing a simple way to change the direction of a winch or SRL.

For rapid access and retrieval we offer a couple of simple to deploy rescue systems: The Rollgliss Top R350 is a fall protection pulley system designed specifically for confined space retrieval work. A 3:1 pulley ratio makes it easy to use and with 50ft of strong, wear-resistant line (resistant to grit, chemicals, water...) and convenient tough tote bag, it is a solution that can go anywhere.

The Rollgliss Rescue Ladder is exactly what it sounds like: a simple fold away ladder to allow entry or egress from confined spaces.

Great for a range of work environments (gas, oil rig, refinery work, sewer work, petroleum or petrochemical plants, wine making, tank and silo work or even the military have use for these systems regularly) these confined space access tripods, SRLs and pulleys give you a flexible means of entry and egress from your work-site’s confined spaces.
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