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Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue
Rope Access and Rescue Equipment
SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)
EEBA (Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus)
Confined Space Communications
Capital Safety 3600000 Rescue Positioning Device
Our Price:$2,085.00
Petzl Confined Space Rescue Kit
Our Price:$1,146.75
Latchways Personal Rescue Device PRD R20
Our Price:$950.00
ExoFit XP Rescue Harness 1111552
Our Price:$399.00
Protecta Retrieval Harness 1191216
Our Price:$56.00
DBI-SALA Rescue Y Lanyard 1231460
Our Price:$102.00
Confined Space Access Kit from Petzl
Our Price:$785.00
DBI Sala Tension Limiter
Our Price:$1,149.50
Confined Space Rescue Wristlets 1001210
Our Price:$50.00
DBI-SALA Rescue Cradle 3610000
Our Price:$319.00
Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus (EEBA) Wall Bracket
Our Price:$32.00
Emergency Respirator (EEBA) Wall Case 4500
Our Price:$107.00
Petzl D14 2G GRIGRI Belay Device
Our Price:$99.95
Petzl D20 I'D S Descender
Our Price:$250.00
Petzl P65A TWIN Pulley
Our Price:$134.00
Petzl Vector Rope 200 Feet, Black, 11MM
Our Price:$240.00
Petzl M34TL AM'D Triact-Lock Carabiner
Our Price:$18.95
Petzl P63 PAW Rigging Plate
Our Price:$33.95
Petzl B50 Rescucender
Our Price:$68.95
Petzl R41 Rope Bucket Bag
Our Price:$49.95
Petzl P50A Rescue Pulley
Our Price:$63.95
Petzl CONNEXION FIXE Climbing Anchor Strap
Our Price:$31.95
Petzl ANNEAU Webbing Loop Anchor Strap
Our Price:$7.95
CORDEX Lightweight Rope Access Gloves K52
Our Price:$39.95
Trailing Rope Grab O-ring Hands Free 8175/U
Our Price:$152.70
Stainless Steel Manual Lead Rope Grab 8174/U
Our Price:$152.75
MicroLoc Trailing Rope Grab 8173/U
Our Price:$86.95
50 ft. Synthetic Rope Vertical Lifeline 198RLS-2/50FTWH
Our Price:$91.20
6 ft. Cross-Arm Webbing Anchorage Strap 8183-6FTGN
Our Price:$39.45
Technical rescue work in a confined space is difficult. It requires training and the right tools for the job. To help we have kits from the fall safety and confined space access experts at Petzl Pro as well as DBI-SALA and Capital Safety. These systems are designed to allow for controlled access, positioning and secure retrieval of injured personnel from confined spaces.

For retrieval rescue work the Protecta Retrieval Full-Body Harness is ideal. To be worn by the injured party the harness as a range of D-rings for attachment to the Rescue Y-Lanyard they can be safely raised and easily vertically position.

For access and positioning The Rescue Positioning Device (RPD) from DBI-SALA is a secure and versatile rope and pulley system, designed for quick set up and ease of use. The user can even raise or lower themselves! Pre-rigged and sorted in a strong carry bag you can be up and working in seconds by attaching the unit to a suitable anchor point.

Petzl outlined the use of these two kits in their own Confined Space Rescue course at their factory in Utah: The Confined Space Rescue Kit was created for areas where access to the confined space is limited, and allows for remote team members to haul heavy loads or personnel. The Petzl Confined Space Access Kit provides powerful 4:1 purchase while also giving the operator excellent control of descent and retrieval with this ergonomic pulley system.

The Rescue Y-Lanyard, as has been previously mentioned, is designed for rescue and retrieval work. Allowing for the careful and controlled ascent of an injured person, letting you get them safely through small openings such as manways or tank hatches.

The Wristlets are a product that was developed through experience in the field. They work in tandem with the Rescue Y-Lanyard for vertical exit and let you control and secure the wrists of the injured party, keeping them close into the body for extraction.

Finally the Rescue Cradle is a simple, rugged device for emergency rescue operations. Built from reinforced polyester webbing it can hold 300lbs, yet remains lightweight. Simply attach to a rope system and you can safely retrieve personnel.

Together these pieces help form a well-suited rescue kit for confined space work in any environment: tank maintenance, chemical plants, manhole entry, oil rig, gasworks and refineries should all have something similar on hand in case of emergency.
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